About Us

Digital Sovereignty is a group of industry consultants that specialize in providing scalable deliverables to the corporate and municipal markets. Our enterprise solutions focus on the development of business intelligence dashboard designs geared towards sharing data throughout protected networks.

With over 55 years of collective industry experience, we have provided design and support services to clients in the banking, finance, transportation, hospitality, healthcare, government, marketing, technology, education, security, entertainment, retail, manufacturing, construction, and automotive industries.

Our Clients


The technology needs of our clients range based on each company's industry, size, scope, scale, and budget. With this in mind, we match our clients with the best open-ended solution to meet their future goals. By designing and delivering flexible turn-key solutions at reasonable costs we have gained experience in many different business processes. These dedicated engineering and prototyping efforts have efficiently allowed clients to leverage modern internet technologies to improve their quality of service while increasing profit margins on their investment capital.

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